Vocal Music

Works for Choral Ensembles

Always the Light Falls Softly” for Choir and Percussion, c. 5.5’. Performed by the Harvard-Westlake Chamber Singers, December 2018.

in perpetuum, ave atque vale” for Male Choir, c. 2.5’. Performed at the Harvard-Westlake Foreign Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony, May 2018. Recording available upon request.

Art Songs, Cycles, and Vocal Chamber Music

to have flown” for High Soprano and Piano, c. 6’. Performed by Lauren Senden with Ben Marti on her senior recital, October 2018.

Three Songs of Roman Love” for Soprano and Piano, c. 8’. Performed by Karen Wemhoener at an Interlochen Summer Composer’s Forum, July 2016. ‘II. Vivamus, Atque Amemus’ performed by Karen Wemhoener on her senior recital, June 2018. Recording of other movements available upon request.

When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer" for Baritone and Piano, c. 3’. Public premier in Spring 2019.

Cycle” for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, c. 5.5’. Recording available upon request.

Summer Scenes” for Soprano and Piano, c. 11’. Cycle of three songs. Performed at a private concert, November 2017. Recording available upon request.

The Moments We Share”, for Soprano and Piano, c. 14’. Cycle of four songs. Recording available upon request.

Routes of Time” for Soprano, Violin, and Piano, c. 25’. Cycle of six songs. Recording available upon request.